The Puy du Fou
International team

The Puy du Fou
International team

Executive Board

  • Philippe de Villiers

    Founder & Scriptwriter

    When he created the Puy du Fou in 1977, his studies at ENA (High Administration School) had not foreseen him becoming an artist. Yet at the age of 28, he founded the Puy du Fou writing and directing the "Cinéscénie" show.

    In parallel with his career as a national politician and a province administrator, he has been generating Puy du Fou major projects and writing all scenarios for the past thirty-eight years, making the Puy du Fou a unique creation which makes the whole world vibrate. Since 2010 he has been investing his energy in the artistic and strategic development of Puy du Fou International.

  • Nicolas de Villiers

    Chairman and Artistic Director

    Straight after receiving his diploma in law at Audencia, this Puy du Fou child joined the team of the Grand Parc as performance manager. In 2004, he took over Puy du Fou's artistic management and the role of Chief Executive of the Cinéscénie, before becoming Chief Executive Officer of the Group in 2012.

    After rapidly understanding the potential for the Puy du Fou concept abroad, he founded Puy du Fou International with Laurent Albert in 2010, and became its Chairman and Artistic Director.

  • Laurent Albert

    Vice Chairman and Park’s Management Specialist

    Laurent Albert became the first technical director of the Puy du Fou in 1981, at only 21. He has had an important role at the Puy du Fou since its creation, at the "Cinéscenie", and since 2002 as Managing Director of the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou.

    Deputy chairman of Puy du Fou International, he contributes his technical expertise, artistic creativity and experience.

  • Guillaume Allaire

    Chief Executive Officer

    Guillaume Allaire studied humanities before taking up a place at the French military academy at Saint Cyr, where he gained a Master’s degree in international relations. He also has an Executive MBA in strategy and organisational management from the War College, and served for almost 15 years in the French army, heading up units all over the world. His solid experience in the field, managing multinational projects, prompted him to lead the Puy du Fou International teams in 2014.



  • Erwan de la Villéon

    Development Director

    Past student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm), and a HEC graduate, he also obtained Masters in both History and Philosophy. Living as an expatriate in Buenos Aires, he worked in an international trading company (South America and Africa). On his return to France he spent several years studying philosophy and theology as well as theatre education and production.

    Erwan joined Puy du Fou International in September 2014. He has been in charge of the Russian Project before taking the responsibility for the Development of Puy du Fou International.

  • Antoine Fine

    Head of Investments

    Antoine started his career in private equity from 2003 to 2007 at Lazard for the Midcap LBO funds (FPG & LFPI). He worked on more than 15 deals in a variety of situations (LBO, majority & minority stakes, mezzanine & bonds financing, mergers, expansion capital, debt refinancing) and monitored two companies up to exit. Consultant and business developer in the leisure industry. Antoine joined Otium Capital in May 2015.

  • Alexis de Clermont Tonnerre

    Financial Advisor

    Alexis started his career in M&A, spending about 3 years between Rothschild and Credit Suisse (Telecom, Media & Technology team). He then joined the German incubator Rocket Internet where he was instrumental in the development of various e-commerce startups in Turkey and Azerbaijan, before being appointed CFO of Jumia Nigeria. In 2013, Alexis founded Skywall, a social networking mobile application available both on IOS and Android devices.

    Alexis joined Otium Capital in May 2015 and has been working with Puy du Fou since January 2016.

  • Corentin de Gastines

    Europe Project Manager

    After studying engineering, he graduated from the Audencia Business School in Nantes. He first worked in an organization consulting firm before becoming an entrepreneur.
    Passionate about traveling around the world, he realized an international mission in Casablanca for French Industrial companies as business developer.
    As he come back to France, he chose to improve his consultant skills in Kurt Salmon before joining in 2016 the Puy du Fou International’s team as Development Manager.

  • David Nouaille

    Marketing and Communication Director
    China Project Director

    After studying at INSEEC Bordeaux, he was part of the Mars Masterfood sales team for large-scale retailers.

    In 2000, Puy du Fou asked him to join their sales team and take charge of commercial development for the Tourism sector. Since 2002, he has been Director for Marketing & Communication at Puy du Fou and puts his expertise at the service of Puy du Fou International as a consultant and China Project Director.

  • Olivier Girard

    Technical Director Show Production
    USA Project Director

    Machineries and Show Production.

    A Graduate from the University of Angers, Olivier has been working in the Group for 8 years, in the technical team.
    After having been Deputy Technical Manager for the refurbishment work at the Castle in 2013, he became technical supervisor of the "Amoureux de Verdun" Construction in 2014. In 2015, he joined Puy du Fou International where he manage technical creations in particular in USA as Project Director.


Project Management

  • Olivier Fortin

    Project Neopter
    Technical Manager

    Silver Medal at the French General Electronics Competition in 2008, Olivier has a Degree from the Faculty of Electronics and Engineering of Nantes II. Olivier had been knowing the Puy du Fou as a volunteer for years when he was hired as the “Grand Parc” in 2014. In charge of several technical projects in the last years, he has been taking the responsibility of the Neopter Project in 2015.

  • Marlène Coutand

    Artistic Manager

    After years of volunteering, Marlène entered the Puy du Fou park in 2004 as an actress in the Gallo-Roman Stadium (main feminine role). She specialized in Stage, Costume and Actors Management as she became Artistic Assistant in 2010 and Artistic Deputy Manager in 2012.

    In 2014 she took the responsibility of the Chateau Team in Puy du Fou (55 Actors). In 2015, she became Artistic Manager for the English Project (Auckland Castle) and has been living there for the last twelve months.

  • Coraline Landreau

    Show Manager

    A former artistic gymnastic, Coraline is volunteering for almost 20 years, and working in Puy du Fou since 2004. First an actress at the Gallo-Roman Stadium, she specialized in horses as a carriage leader. In 2012, she joined the Efteling Team as Deputy Stables Manager, and became Deputy Show Manager in 2013. Since January 2015, she has been taking the responsibility of the "Raveleijn" Show.

  • Florent Martin

    Project Manager Neopter

    Passionate by model aircraft, Florent got a mechanical production License and Master Degree of Economy and Management in Grenoble University. Thanks to these skills, he created in 2010 his own startup specialised in aerial videography with drones (UAV).

    In 2016, he joined the Puy du Fou International team as a Project Manager NEOPTER, flight director and drones pilot.



  • Arnould Bethery de la Brosse

    Legal Officer & HR Director

    Lawyer and doctor of law, Arnould Bethery de la Brosse has been teaching since 2001 at the Université de Poitiers, then at ICES. He has published numerous works about the history of law in the West.

    He has been legal director and human resources manager of the Group Puy du Fou since 2010.

  • Antoine Besse

    Show operation Advisor

    As a child, then throughout his studies, Antoine was an actor at Puy du Fou. Actor and horse riding teacher, in 2004 he took responsibility for the «Les Vikings» show, one of the Grand Parc’s highlights. Today, with his practical experience, Antoine supervises four shows, manages a team of about one hundred people and the Puy du Fou stunt school. He also participates actively in the search and development of new shows for the Puy du Fou. He acts as an operational consultant for Puy du Fou International.

  • Grégoire Pichon

    CTO Construction & Civil works

    Civil works and construction.

    Living abroad for more than fifteen years, he was involved in different projects for diverse sectors such as the hotel and other industries, involved both in project coordination and technical direction, first of all in Latin America, then Germany and Russia.

    It is thanks to this rich experience, particularly as an engineer specialized in civil works in major international groups, that he joined the Puy du Fou International team in 2015.

  • Thomas Briand


    After a double degree program at Ecole Centrale de Lille and Politechnico di Milano, Thomas involves in cultural heritage restoration. He has always been a history enthusiast, eager to work and to make his contribution in architectural and cultural heritage conservation of the past centuries. He participates, alongside a chief architect at Monuments Historiques, at the renovation of Albi Cathedral (France) as well as the “Palais de France” in Istanbul (Turkey). From a very tender age, Thomas has been volunteer at the Cinéscénie and he joined Puy du Fou teams in 2016 as an architect for international projects.

  • Vianney Crès

    Deputy Technical Manager

    After a certificate of engineering designer, Vianney continued his studies at ESCT, work-linked training, in which he worked as coodinator assistant in an architect office, then as site supervisor in structural work company (Paris area). With these skills, he integrated Puy du Fou International in September 2015.

  • Matthieu Tranchet

    Deputy Landscaping Manager

    After a degree in Landscape Design, Creation and Management, Matthieu joined Agrocampus Ouest to study Landscape Engineering, with a speciality in Project and Engineering Management. These studies were done by apprenticeship at Puy du Fou. Since 2011 Matthieu has grown in experience and competence in Designing Landscapes for Puy du Fou. He currently works in the Nature & Gardens Design Office, specialising in international projects.