A success

A success story: 1977


Philippe de Villiers created the Puy du Fou Cinéscénie, the greatest night-time show on earth staging the History of the Vendée region and France. This show, which is a unique open-air experience, breaks all box-office records: 1hr 40min of spectacular show, over 12 million spectators, 2,000 voluntary actors and dancers, 23 hectares (about 57 acres) of stage and 24,000 costumes.

A success story: 1988


To build on the success of the Cinéscénie, the Puy du Fou created the Puy du Fou Grand Parc, designed to be a spectacular journey through time. It embodies the next generation of theme parks for the whole family, without any fairground attractions or queues. Visitors forget the 21st century as they discover wonderful countryside, shows with spectacular special effects and grandiose architecture.

A success story: 1998


To support the growth of the Puy du Fou and pave the way for the future, the Junior Academy was set up. Every year it trains 500 students to become future performers, technicians and managers at the Puy du Fou. Today the Junior Academy is made up of 26 schools (including riding, aerobatics, stunts, fencing, drama and dance) and a new school is set up every year.

A success story: 2007


The number of shows required a two-day visit so the Puy du Fou became a holiday destination. Guests were able to choose their century for their overnight accommodation. The Night-Time City was established, with its first hotel: the Villa Gallo-Romaine (the Gallo-Roman Villa). Two new hotels emerged from the ground in 2009 and 2010, and the fourth hotel is currently being built.

A success story: 2010


Puy du Fou International was set up to respond to requests from around the world to create theme parks and shows based on Puy du Fou's artistic model. In 2013, Puy du Fou International presented its first creation abroad: the "Raveleijn Show" for the Efteling park in The Netherlands.