Our achievements : Kynren


Developed by Eleven Arches, Puy du Fou English Partner, Kynren show is an historical giant fresco highlighting the history of United Kingdom and north east of England. Wholly designed and produce by Puy du Fou International, this show provides the opportunity to export abroad the “Cinéscénie Concept”. Produce on the site of the Castle Bishop Auckland, Kynren show relives 2,000 years of British history and is performed 15 times a year with a capacity of 8,000 spectators per evening, grace to the commitment of 600 volunteers.

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Our achievements : Efteling


Created in 1952, Efteling is one of the world’s oldest theme parks. Very famous in the Netherlands, this park is based upon the theme of fairytales and legends. In 2012, Efteling called upon Puy du Fou International’s expertise to completely redesign and stage its flagship show: Raveleijn. The show involves skills of technicians, costume designers, horseriders, falconry handlers, and stunt riders from Puy du Fou. Including a set of stunts and special effects, this show can be performed until six times a day. The team comprises 50 actors (16 horses and 40 birds) to perform 1200 shows per year.

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Our achievements : Neopter


Neopters constitute the first fleet of drones in the world capable of carrying out aerial choreography with total independence and safety, day and night. This technological revolution makes the sky a space where it is now possible to put scenery up and make it perform. Developed from an original Puy du Fou idea and thanks to the technical expertise of Pixiel, Neopters are the fruit of several years of research and studies. They now form the new generation of drones designed to enhance the staging of a show or an event all over the world.

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